By David Wang (王首伟) 12.01.2024

The US alliance strategy and “de-sinization” policy, as well as the EU’s “de-risking” policy, will intensify the dualization of the international system, and even trigger earthquakes and turbulence in the process of structural transformation, resulting in vicious competition, geopolitical conflicts and war risks.

So, is there a good and mature theoretical system to guide the policy practice of all countries, lead the peaceful transformation of world politics, and maintain the political order in the transformation of the international system structure? The answer is a double loop. Since the spring of 2020, in the face of global issues and challenges such as the spread of the global epidemic and the plight of the world economy, China has initiated the “double circulation” strategy and policy propositions, which have attracted widespread attention from major political leaders and the global intellectual community.

From the perspective of international relations theory, the double cycle focuses on the internal governance of countries, We should promote social change through reform and self-revolution. We should seek solutions from the outside, strengthen our internal strength, strengthen our fundamentals, and defuse risks. We should address systemic problems in the social and economic system, rather than seeking solutions from the outside, provoking international conflicts, or shifting domestic problems onto others. The double circulation theory emphasizes that state actors, by improving their governance capacity and level, We should defuse problems and risks in China’s development, enhance its vitality, create new competitive advantages in the world, promote reform through reform, and promote smooth interaction between internal and external circulation, so as to achieve harmonious coexistence, peace and prosperity of human society.

Focusing on major international issues concerning the future and destiny of mankind, such as the transformation of the international system structure and the maintenance of order, geopolitical conflicts and international wars, China, as a rising global power, urgently needs to put forward proposals that transcend the differences between Chinese and Western systems, A universal theory to deal with global problems and challenges, with outstanding political wisdom, gathers the consensus of governments and intellectual circles of all countries, guides the ship of human society through the fog and reefs, opens a new realm of human civilization development, and contributes to world peace and prosperity.

As a mature theoretical system, double circulation has been tested by practice. It is a model of Chinese thought and contribution to the world. At present, it is urgent for major countries in the world to apply the dual circulation theory to guide their policies and practices, lead human society to avoid the Thucydides trap and the Kindleberger trap, and promote world economic recovery and prosperity and the cause of peace and development of mankind.

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