China Het daget inden oosten (in Dutch)

Edition 2017 – Frans Vandenbosch

China the day in the east, it lights everywhere business china, sharply imaged Frans Vandenbosch 方腾波 China the day in the east, it lights everywhere The biggest shocks are yet to come. Flanders has not yet noticed the light in the east. * The day in the east, the lights everywhere is a folk ballad that dates from before 1358. This medieval folk song was first recorded in the Antwerp songbook in 1544. The sun beyond the mountains glows The Yellow River seaward flows. You will enjoy a grander sight By climbing to a greater height.

Editorial Reviews

This year marks the 175th anniversary of China’s forcing the English to sign the Nanjing Treaty. Who dares to give the Chinese the full respect they deserve? Still Few.

Frans Vandenbosch does it, a pioneer who deserves all the attention and makes this booklet a compulsory read.

Wim Polet – KULeuven Faculty of Engineering Technology Campus Group T Head ofInternational Office.Leuvens sinoloog die sinds 1999 efficinte communicatie met China promoot.