The Marnixring (named after Filips van Marnix, Lord of Sint-Aldegonde, Lord Mayor of Antwerp (1540 – 1598) a Flemish / Dutch writer and statesman) is a Flemish Service Club that aims to serve the Dutch language and culture community in Flanders and abroad.

International Institute On Governance and Strategy, IIGS, founded in October 2015, is a new independent think tank that is dedicated to the studies of international relations; theories and practices of national governance, political science, and international strategy; and other issues. As a young global think tank, IIGS provides a platform for young scholars and new leaders to communicate ideas and learn from each other.

China Writers Group is a club of 28 people from all over the globe, who have published books, articles or blogs about China. We daily exchange 5 to 20 emails to inform each other about geopolitical issues, related to China. The founder of CWG is Jeff J. Brown.

Dunhang Foundation
Established in 2010, the Dunhuang Foundation is committed to preserving Dunhuang’s past and providing for its future. The Foundation builds upon Dunhuang’s rich legacy of intellectual and cultural exchange through programs that encourage participants to explore and expand upon the site’s rich history.

Schiller Institute
The Schiller Institute is a German-based political and economic think tank founded by Helga Zepp-LaRouche with members in 50 countries. The institute’s aim is to apply the ideas of the poet and philosopher Friedrich Schiller regarding the contemporary world crisis. The Schiller institute constitution, adopted in 1984, rails against international financial institutions and other supranational bodies for causing a state of tyranny in the world.

Confucius Institute Leuven
Confucius Institute in Leuven, Flanders, Belgium is the first Confucius Institute that was established overseas by Beijing Jiaotong University. The aim of the Confucius Institutes’ program is to promote the Chinese language and culture, support local Chinese teaching internationally, and facilitate cultural exchanges.