With Biden, nothing will change.

With Joe Biden as the new American president, I do not expect big changes in the US – China relations. The aversion, actually envy, for China is widely shared among the members of the Democratic and the Republican party. They will continue with the hegemonic sanctions and other measures targeting China, maybe in a sneakier way. After all, the US is not ruled by the president, nor by the Congress, but by a small group of tycoons, oligarchs, people with money and power, supported by their pawns in the Pentagon and CIA. We have seen perfect examples of that during the last months of Pompeo, forcing Congress and the president into quite aggressive actions towards China, the EU and other countries.

As for the US – EU relations, I expect an increasing pressure from the US administration on the EU.

During the past two years, the pressure of American lobbyists on European MEP’s, especially in Brussels and Strasburg was already enormous. American intelligence officers have built an extensive network in Belgium and other countries to influence parliamentarians of all major big and small parties, left and right. All our Belgian political parties have now 30 to 50% convinced Transatlantists (defenders of the American viewpoints)

Also, all our mainstream media, our private and state-owned TV stations, all newspapers and magazines, without exception, fiercely pour the USA narrative over the heads of the gullible readers and viewers.

The American lobbyists are deep into all our institutions, ministries and other major economic organisations. Especially in the European parliament and the EU commission, they have an almost unlimited influence.

I expect that to continue, probably even increase with the Biden administration. Maybe they will do all that a bit less blatantly, but more underground and with more free travel and dinner trips for loyal followers. And where it doesn’t work, with threats and blackmail actions.

Europe and the EU is a vasal state of the USA. Very, very few ministers in Europe have the courage to resist the American pressure and to defend the interests of European citizens.

Europe is squeezed

Europe is squeezed between the old and the new global economic and political powers.

I agree with Cui Heng in his article   US interventionists are back with Russia at their focus. https://www.globaltimes.cn/page/202101/1213917.shtml

And not just Russia. Also, China and Europe.

The USA is looking for “partners” in their fight for global hegemony against Russia and China. They will try to convince, pressure, bribe and threat the EU.

It was Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel who rejected Biden’s requests to fight together against China: Merkel’s ‘Germany First’ ignores Biden’s wishes. German leader Angela Merkel has flouted incoming Biden administration’s requests to delay China, Russia deals.

It is Chancellor Merkel who’s backing Xi Jinping on the need to avoid new cold war.

In Brussels, the Transatlantic lobby organisations are growing like mushrooms.

The transatlantic, anti-China organizations are now growing like mushrooms.

The recently founded IPAC. Full list of China hawks, members of the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China (IPAC): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inter-Parliamentary_Alliance_on_China  

Not just the brand new IPAC, also NATO is becoming increasingly aggressive in its China policy and is pushing European allies for a more offensive attitude towards China.

Theo Francken (N-VA), member of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, submitted a resolution in May for an investigation into the _culpability_ of China in the Covid-19 pandemic. Jan Jambon, Gerald Kindermans, Martine Taelman and Daniel Bacquelaine are also members of NATO PA.


And there’s the Committee on the Present Danger China, founded by Steve Bannon alongside a group of raging neocons in March 2019. Labelling China’s Belt and Road as a new empire threatening to undo America and enslave the world, Bannon’s think tank stated: “As with the Soviet Union in the past, communist China represents an existential and ideological threat to the United States and to the idea of freedom – one that requires a new American consensus regarding the policies and priorities required to defeat this threat.”

Then, there’s also the TLD (Transatlantic Legislators’ Dialogue) attacking China. Gerolf Annemans (Vlaams Belang party) a former friend of me, recently declared that he is “proud member and active participator in the TLD” (Transatlantic Legislators’ Dialogue). He wrote a damning article about the “dangers” of cooperation with China on 17 June 2020. “China and Europe: stop naivety” https://doorbraak.be/china-en-europa-stop-naiviteit/    On which I fiercely retaliated.

The only similar organisation, the EU – China Friendship Group in the EU parliament, headed by Czech Jan Zahradil has been neutralised and “put on ice” last November, due to strong lobby work by the Czech think tank Sinopsis and French think tank Institut Montaigne, both Transatlantist, both sponsored by the NED.   


and   https://www.politico.eu/article/china-influence-european-parliament-friendship-group/

The USA is currently facing a whole bunch of big issues: Covid-19 with 438000 deaths, the polarisation of the American society, the depreciation of the real value of the USD, the BLM, antifa and Capitol demonstrations, the rapid impoverishment of the citizens, the rising number of mentally ill and suicides.

One would expect that, because the USA has so many big problems at home, that they would focus first on resolving these issues. But instead, they put all efforts on trying to keep up their world hegemony, to divert attention from the real problems in their own country.

Europe is too weak

Europe need more people like Viktor Orbán in Hungary or Aleksandar Vučić in Serbia, Matteo Salvini in Italy, Yanis Varoufakis in Greece who staunchly defend the well-being of their own people against the American puppet government in Brussels. In Brazil, they have Jair Bolsonaro and in Russia, there is Vladimir Putin, who stand up for the interests of their own people, despite the opposition of the US media and intelligence services.

Europe needs brave men and women like 赵立坚 Zhào Lìjiān and 华春莹 Huà Chūnyíng, smart and honest people who speak straightforward language, defending their own country against false accusations.