Power shift

The centre of gravity of the world is now in China.      Frans Vandenbosch 方腾波 18.10.2023 Global economic and political power has shifted to China It’s all over and done. The shift is made, we’re over the tipping point. The “pivot to the East” is accomplished. The battle is not over yet, but there is no point of return. The GDP scam Western mainstream media keep reporting nominal (raw, nominal) GDP. In western media, GDP figures at Purchasing power parity (PPP) are usually hidden or concealed. Essentially, GDP measured at PPP is a much more accurate way to compare living standards in various countries. PPP GDP controls for the different costs of living and price levels, enables a much more exact estimate of a nation’s level of production. No wonder all Chinese people have a huge savings account, that they pay for cars and houses in cash. The exuberating opulence of … Continue reading Power shift