Over the tipping point

This year 2023, we have passed the tipping point Frans Vandenbosch 方腾波 27.12.2023 It’s over and done In a few days, the historical year 2023 will be over. This past year, significant changes have taken place, shining some light on what we have to expect in the coming time. The USA has lost its first place This year the US suffered a major blow. The US’s global reputation as the most powerful and leading nation was undermined. The image of the US has been completely destroyed in the past year. The de-industrialisation of the USA and western Europe is almost complete. It will make it nearly impossible for the US to continue the war with Russia in Ukraine or to start a full-scale hot war with China. The trade war with China, the sanctions and restrictions on technology trade with China should have made it very clear that China no … Continue reading Over the tipping point